The Champ is Champ. Cherifer Kid Champ R. Arejola

At 5’5” tall, this point guard and shooting guard is tall for his age and could grow taller than his 6-foot dad. Genes is a factor in his physical growth, but to help athletes be taller, taking Cherifer in the morning and for lunch or dinner would help them be Tangkad Sagad!

Triumph Motorcycles is now officially in the Philippines

“We’re very proud to announce that the Autohub Group will be the exclusive distributor of Triumph Motorcycles in the Philippines,” said Willy Tee Ten, President of Autohub Group. He adds  “It took four years of courtship for the Autohub group to include this prestigious brand into their line-up which includes premium car brands like the high-end […]

Captain Triston Simeon – Hero of PAL PR 113

A couple of minutes after taking off, the flight crew observed bursts of flame shooting from their aircraft’s right engine number 2. After some quick evaluation of the situation, Captain Simeon and the flight crew elected to turn back to the airport to make a precautionary emergency landing at LAX.

Winning Tradition at De La Salle Zobel Girl’s Volleyball team

Lead by coach Tina Salak, a two-time UAAP women’s volleyball champion as an ace Far Eastern University setter in the mid-90s, and ably assisted by Assistant Coaches Jeremiah Monreal and Feliciano Felix G. Pantaleon, the Junior team of La Salle Zobel has made other schools take the Green Volleybelles seriously.

Ramon De Leon: The Apo from Cagayan

It was a cloudy Tuesday morning and we scheduled a meeting with Ramon de Leon of PAC Atlantic Group. He recently renovated his tall building in Makati and he invited us to his office at the top floor. Everything from the color of his logo, to the colors of his office, screamed La Salle green.