Dr. Manny Calayan: From “Laking Verde” to being one of the pioneers in Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology”

From a quiet kid from Lucena to the frisky boy in high school. Dr. Manuel "Manny" Calayan has been one of the many prominent graduates of La Salle Green Hills in 1983.

Words by Nicole Ganglani and Shaine Chua
Photos by Karl Angelo G. de los Santos

Being proud of the lifetime bond that they have formed during their years in LSGH, their batch tagged themselves as “Laking Verde” during their 25th anniversary reunion. This batch reunion became a bar-setter for other future homecoming celebrations for the great entertainment and camaraderie to which their batch had shown.

The strength of their bond was again displayed when the Laking Verde men all wore their tailored batch shirt, a black shirt-jack embroidered with their batch logos, during their On their 30th anniversary, And as if that was still not enough, they added a custom-made Seiko Laking Verde batch watch in their collection to which other batches copied. Everyone could attest, Iba talaga ang Laking Verde! This band of brothers has truly continued to support each other throughout their individual careers in big and small ways.

After high school in La Salle Green Hills, Dr. Manny pursued his dream of becoming a doctor at the University of the East – Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center Inc. (UERM) where he met his future wife Dra. Rosario Pie Cabrera-Calayan. Both earned their medical degree in 1992.

Immediately after, while still pursuing advanced studies in the medical field, both doctors decided to pursue a branch of medicine which could help people boost their confidence through cosmetic surgery and dermatology. In a leap of faith, they decided to open their small clinic in September 1995 at the Health Care Building in Herrera Street in Makati City. This decision was actually not favored by Dra. Pie in the beginning as she had her fears and doubts; however, like a true La Sallite, Dr. Manny had faith in God and in their skills and comforted his wife with the words “mag ki-click yan” (it’ll be a hit). True enough, 24 years later, the couple is now recognized in the Philippines as one of the pioneers in cosmetic surgery and dermatology. 

What started off in a small 15-square meter affair, Manny & Pie Calayan Clinic now has five branches around the country.  Reminiscing their early years, Dr. Manny adds, “It was a very very small clinic, which was always jam-packed with clients.  It just had one facial bed and one OR (Operating Room) bed positioned in a room together, separated by a small curtain”.

Dr. Manny admits that “it takes courage, patience, and, a lot of hard work, to grow and to be successful in this industry”,   traits that he learned at home and in LSGH, where the core values of most La Sallian Christian Gentlemen were formed. 

Currently, Manny & Pie Calayan Clinic can be found at Suite 1701 of Medical Plaza Makati in Makati City, 3rd level of SM Seaside Mall in Cebu City, 2nd level of SM Lanang Premier in Davao City, Level 1 of Trinoma Mall in Quezon City, and very recently opened at the 2nd-floor Expansion Wing of Festival Mall in Alabang. Visitors of their clinics frequent Manny & Pie Calayan Clinics for their state-of-the-art equipment and hospitable staff.

In a recent interview with Edison Joseph of Malaya, Dr. Manny said that “when determining beauty the important features are the face, body, and complexion. Beauty is essential given our society today – competitive. The reason why I am here – and we are here – is to beautify people. We make them beautiful in a natural-looking way,”

Dr. Manny added that the concept of beauty has changed among Filipinos such that most of them are now aware of ‘beautification’. “It is the millennial trend now,” he pointed out. Because of this, Dr. Manny is staying true to his goal of helping people boost their confidence through the beauty of Science.

Amazingly, what makes their services so special is that Dr. Manny and Dra. Pie would test their procedures on themselves first before performing them to their clients in order to make sure that the results come out to be effective. Since they are both experts in the field, their clients can be assured that they are in good hands. 

“We’ve learned in medicine that you have to treat your patients personally. (When) I do the advertisement, patients really get to see the real me in the clinic,” he said. Calayan recommended the body scrub and facials to relieve stress. “Aside from massaging your whole body, it also has whitening, slimming effect,” he said.

As the skin and body are very personal and sensitive areas to handle, you must treat your clients as you would treat yourself – this is one of the many secrets to the success of Manny & Pie Calayan Clinic; they make their clients feel comfortable to their care.

Today, Manny & Pie Calayan Clinic is considered to be a household name in cosmetic surgery and dermatology in the Philippines, providing its clients with world-class services that meet their expectations. Dr. Manny and Dra. Pie continues to receive local and international training in their field in order to deliver a highly personalized and specially designed treatment for each of their client’s specific needs. To further achieve this goal, the founders of the clinic work alongside top cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and medical staff that are personally trained by both acclaimed doctors.

Showbiz personalities and movie stars such as fellow La Sallite Luis Manzano, Boy Abunda, Solemn Hussaf, Pinky Recto, and mother and daughter Pilita Corrales and Jacqueline Blanco and many other stars have trusted Dr. Manny and Dra. Pie over the years, earning them the reputation as the beauty doctors of the stars.

Dr. Manny Calayan owes his success to the support of his wife, the trust of their clients, and the foundation of his principles from his days in La Salle Green Hills. He will only move forward from where he is now because that’s what he does. Yan ang Laking Verde!

This article was originally published in Vol. 16 No. 3 of AnimoMagazine.



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