The 3rd Mike Joseph Jr. Golf Cup

On its 38th year anniversary, The Philippine Foundation of Christ’s Youth in Action, Inc. (CYA) honors its founding director, the late Mike Joseph Jr., through the “3rd Mike Joseph Jr. Golf Cup” to be held at the Orchard Golf & Country Club (Palmer Course).

Mike’s vision was to impact the youth, who are to be our country’s future leaders, in their environments, in their formative stage. This call has grown more urgent for in this time of history – fifty percent of the world’s population is under the age of 30. In the Philippine population of 104 Million, 20 million are in the age range of 15-24 years. In this age range of 15-24 years old, CYA, for the past 38 years, has chosen to engage the youth in their challenges and aspirations, by providing mentorship through its various leadership development and values formation programs nationwide.

IN THIS MISSION TO TRANSFORM OUR YOUTH LEADERS, the 3rd Mike Joseph Jr. Golf Cup gathered a huge number of participants to the golf tournament. It was a fun filled day with participants going home not just with trophies and gifts but with a heart filled with the spirit of contributing to a worthy cause.