TakBro 2019

Photos by Judiel Libot , Ernest Mateo, Arden Bacallan
and Eugenio Pastoral II of The LaSallian
Special Thanks to Aiye Mariano and Demy Cruz Jr. 

Last 27 January, more than 1500 Lasallians took part in the first ever fun run organized by the De La Salle Brothers, the TakBro 2019, in Vermosa Estate, Imus Cavite. A project of the young Brothers, the event was for the benefit of the professional development teachers of De La Salle Andres Soriano Memorial College, De La Salle John Bosco College, and St. Joseph’s School-La Salle.

Headed by Brother Cliff Sy FSC and Brother Ranier Guillergan FSC, the run was part of the young Brothers’ yearly project, Be Our Guest. The project aimed to raise funds for the different causes of De La Salle Brothers, Inc. which, in this case is, was to aid the teachers with their training. The project was originally headed by Br. Cliff and Br. Mark Salvan. After Br. Mark was assigned to Jaime Hilario Integrated School-La Salle, Br. Ranier took over.

“Conceptualizing with Br. Alex [Diaz] FSC, we figured, why not a fun run? It’s a great venue for the community to gather,” mentions Br. Cliff. Due to the size of the event, the project which was slated for 2018 was moved to 2019, just in time for the Tercentenary celebrations of the institution. 

The race registration began at 4:00 A.M. with a generous spectrum of Lasallians present, from Br. Martin Sellner FSC who, despite his age, took part in the 10K run, to a three-month old infant sitting comfortably in a stroller as his parents took part in the 3K run. Even Brothers from the La Salle East Asia District took part, Brother Rodrigo Treviño FSC from Japan and Br. Tom Lavin FSC from Malaysia supported the race. “They didn’t go just because of the race, they were here coincidentally, and we were really happy that they supported our project,” explains Br. Cliff.

Br. Martin Sellner FSC who, despite his age, took part in the 10K run.

Despite having more than 1500 Lasallian runners in their first ever fun run, what surprised Br. Cliff more was the overwhelming support of the Lasallian communities in making TakBro happen. Volunteers from the different Luzon schools generously shared their time and talents. From students, faculty, and alumni, these volunteers worked both in front of and behind the scenes. “Its through the help of everyone. It’s a gathering of Lasallians and I think whenever we work together we can achieve great things—and in this case, giving back to the teachers—while having fun at the same time,” Br. Cliff shares. 



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