Oktoberfest by Go Joe’s Grubs and Jade’s Temple PH

From being teammates in LSGH Mini Paya climbing up the ranks to their Prada & MMBL days, Jeremiah Vizmonte & Justin Filamor have been teammates inside and outside the court as their newly founded businesses, Go Joe's Grub and Jade's Temple PH, collaborate for OKTOBERFEST.

As Jeremiah Vizmonte sat in the dining room of his mom’s family during the general community quarantine, he saw the photo of his late grandfather. He was a chemist who became a businessman starting from scratch by selling chemicals to textile mills and starch to food processing plants. He was such a go-getter that he was eventually able to build his own meat processing plant.

The success of the factory eventually led to its acquisition by one of the Philippines’ tycoons sometime in the 1980s. It still stands up to this day producing one of the best canned corned beef in the market. After the acquisition, his grandfather set up a smaller operation specializing only on high quality is frozen meat products catering to middle and high-end markets. Though it was a very good business, the seasons changed and the family members had other pursuits, so the family divested from the business seven years after his grandfather’s passing.

Business & Legacy

Inspired by his grandfather and the desire to continue his legacy, Jeri started Go Joe’s Grubs three months into the community quarantine during the time that COVID-19 cases continue to spike not just in the Philippines, but also worldwide. “Among several businesses, he used to own a factory of frozen meats and he used to have what he called a “meat boutique restaurant” where they served cold cuts, burgers, steak, and roast calf. That really inspired me, because if he can do it, then so can I. Another thing that inspired me is, believe it or not, the pandemic. The way I see it, any adversity can be turned into a victory. It’s just a matter of faith and action.”

As he saw the opportunity for an online food business that will allow people to safely stay at home and easily prepare meals without the worry of possible contamination of restaurant food. Jeri wanted to sell food that his family loves to eat. We are a clan of carnivores so it is no surprise that the Go Joe’s Grubs, an online deli shop offering a variety of frozen sausages, meat specialties, deli meats, and steaks. These can be quickly prepared and eaten on their own or mixed with other ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals that the entire family will love. All Go Joe’s products are prepared and packaged safely without a ton of preservatives and colorants.

He has adapted his grandfather’s principle in the food business, that is, you only make and sell food that you can safely feed to your own children. “There is one more bonus in starting this business. I may not be able to design or build houses and buildings as an architect in this season of my life, but I am glad that I am able to contribute to the rebuilding of our ravaged economy and providing a means of living for families in the midst of this crisis. Over the next months and years to come, Go Joe’s Grubs will continue to develop food that we love such as more sausage varieties, other steak cuts, rubs, and sauces, to share with our wonderful customers because we know that they will love them too. Perhaps in the future, if it is God’s will, I can also be the architect and builder of the Go Joe’s stores and restaurants.”

Local and International Cuisine

As Jazz and his partners Paolo and Dea took up Hotel Management & Culinary Arts back in the day, the group had new ideas as they worked in several 5-star hotels locally and internationally that they have incorporated in Jade’s Temple. “There are lots of new creative ideas that we can incorporate in these traditional items which Filipinos can enjoy more, tailor fitting the recipes to their daily routines and taste buds.” 

Inspired by the craftsmanship and excellence of Filipinos, Jade’s Temple designs take classic postcards on a new level focusing on Philippine indigenous animals in the center of each design with the flavor profile of the drink integrated into the overall look as a way of promoting the Philippines. 

Basketball Teammates to Business Partners

Jeremiah Vizmonte recently finished BS Architecture from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde has continued his grandfather’s legacy through his brand Go Joe’s Grubs (www.facebook.com/gojoesgrubs ) “The ensuing COVID-19 pandemic has robbed me of the experience of a proper college graduation. It has also delayed my opportunity to get the professional experience I needed before reviewing and taking the licensure exams for architecture.” In short, this situation has derailed the dreams, plans, and goals that almost everyone had for their lives. However, we all believe that when God closes the door (at least temporarily), He opens a window for you.

Jazz Filamor, a former Brand Manager of Ibarra Watches and a Marketing Executive of a 5-star luxury hotel in the Philippines founded his new business, Jade’s Temple, with his partners, Paolo Andaya and Dea Suyosa (De La Salle Santiago Zobel & De La Salle College of Saint Benilde Graduate). As they have finished Hotel Management & Culinary Arts, the group has ventured into delivering paradise through their carefully curated flavored beers & cocktails right to your doorstep through their Virtual Bar (www.instagram.com/jadestempleph).

These young La Sallians have been together since the start, from being teammates in LSGH Mini Paya climbing up the ranks to their Prada & MMBL days, Jeremiah Vizmonte & Justin Filamor have been teammates inside and outside the court as their newly founded businesses collaborate for OKTOBERFEST.

Go Joe's Grub and Jade's Temple Oktoberfest menu
Go Joe’s Grub and Jade’s Temple Oktoberfest menu

Transforming Dreams to Reality

Learning and adopting the values they kept being former athletes, these La Sallians have carried the right mindset venturing into their own businesses. While we are still in the middle of the pandemic, this group of Millenials has collaborated to keep you and your families safe while being able to enjoy in your own locations. Check them out and they will be delivering paradise right to your doorstep! A



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