Freddie Tinga – Mr. Forward

Mayor Freddie Tiñga envisions Taguig to become the premiere city of the Philippines.

From humble agrarian beginnings to a bustling city of the present day, the city of Taguig is a metropolis on the move. As the city continues to boom, the local government has ensured that the city has the room, resources, and infrastructure to grow into.

Under the direction of Mayor Sigfrido R. Tiñga [GS ’78, HS ’82, BSBE ’86), Taguig has successfully implemented a Ten-Point Program, improving health and social services, education, youth and sports development, peace and order, housing and shelter for all, clean and green environment, infrastructure and employment in the city. Included in the program is the development of government services, tourism, last but not the least, Taguig civic pride.

An Accidental Politician

Although politics runs in the blood of the Tiñgas in Taguig, Freddie Tiñga did not really think about it until he had to. In fact, his father, Supreme Court Justice Dante Osorio Tiñga, was a former governor in their city. Never in Freddie Tiñga’s mind that soon would he take control.

In 1994, he tied a knot with his wife, Kaye Chua Tiñga, and settled in Oregon, U.S.A.. At the time Kaye was conceiving with their eldest, but when his mother had to undergo a colon cancer surgery, they packed their bags and went back in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, his mother passed away in 1996. It was a great loss but life should go on for Tiñga.

As a Corporate Planning Manager from 1995 to 1999, he implemented “saling pusa” Projects for First Pacific Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation. For a year, he became the Group Managing Director of the company, which he formed. K2 Interactive is a full-fledged Internet marketing firm that holds the client’s complete marketing plan. It is a Philippine-based business investment yet transactions are made abroad—Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Three months prior to the February 2004 election, Tiñga made a decision to run as a Mayor for the local election. He had two things in mind. First, he had to convince the Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig-People Power Coalition that he would campaign. Secondly, he had to tender his resignation in K2 Interactive. “I was then in Hong Kong explaining to our partners and investors [who even became my friends]. They invested 10 % of 4 million USD for our company.”

It was a three-way fight. Tiñga reckoned that the other party, backed up by the powerful Iglesia ni Kristo underestimated them. “That was a day and night hell of campaign for two months,” he revealed. In the end, he bested his political rivals by over 6,000 votes.

On the Rise

In Tiñga’s brief stint as commander of the city of Taguig, his administration has no less than 740 infrastructure projects that had greatly benefited the people.

The Taguig mayor is committed to improving the health of his constituents. In fact, Taguig was one of the most active local government units in propagating universal insurance coverage. To date, more than 7,800 poor people have acquired health cards.

Recognizing education’s contribution to the success not only of a city but also a country as a whole, the 52 schools remain a priority of the city of Taguig. Taguig’s children are provided with good education and ample classroom space. Also, the kind of education is constantly upgraded, ensuring that the youth of Taguig gets the benefits of high-quality education.

The Tiñga’s administration seriously considers a peaceful environment not only for the whole welfare of the residents of Taguig but for its business partners as well. No wonder the city continues to attract new settlers. In fact, the new residents of the city comprise 70% of its population – a sterling proof of how conducive for quality living the city is.

In addition, Fort Bonifacio Global City now turns into Metro Manila’s leading control business district. It will soon be the site of the country’s premiere all-in-one event facility, featuring a world-class coliseum and convention center along with a hotel, office buildings, service apartments, shopping mall, and other recreational establishments.

The Lakeshore District is also an impressive tract of largely untapped prime real estate along Laguna Bay. With this, the City of Taguig is the custodian of this expanse of land.

All of the city’s efforts are geared at one thing – provide a better quality of life for the people. As Taguig continues to reap recognition for its consistency in coming up with projects that provides an image of success, the quality of life in this bustling city continues to improve.

Taguig 2020

“It is long enough that you set your foundations so that the things you try to do should be met. When you say 2010, it is not convincing so I double it to 2020.” Taguig mayor looks forward. “I like term limits. I don’t intend to be the mayor of Taguig forever,” he continues.

Tiñga confirmed that nobody from his clan will run in the upcoming [May 2007] election. If ever he will win for the third time and after his term in 2010, he is done with his mission. Furthermore, he does not want to get into politics outside of local government.

“This is my town. At least I know the people here. I have been serious and clear with my objectives and my message to my constituents,” he shares.

But more can be expected from this city as it aspires to become the premiere city of the Philippines. And indeed the best is yet to come. What we see now were only foundations for what Taguig aspires to become in 2020.

Years from now, Tiñga chooses to be remembered as FOREWARD TAGUIG rather than Mayor Freddie Tiñga.

Shade of Green and Maroon

Tiñga likes the fact that he went to UP after La Salle. He carries on with the belief that he needed that public school education in order not to be detached from the real world, especially in the nature of his job.

“I don’t think people will say: Yan si Mayor? Matapore yan eh. Sosyal yan eh. Actually, I am very uncomfortable with media and social affairs.”

When Animo asked Tiñga how De La Salle helped or formed him, he responded “You know what? I have never heard that question before.” Perhaps, it is the values and the well-rounded system of education in La Salle that formed him to become Mr. Forward.

Article was originally published in 2006. Written by Toni Catu.



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