Hawk Bags Dominates The Market In Color And Style

“The HAWK Bags brand has a diverse clientele, some of who are not aware that it’s a local company. This only proves that our products have a world-class image that can be labeled as an imported brand.”

Long has the backpack been a trekker’s most dependable companion for long travels and grueling adventures.  Eventually, backpacks have proven to be just as dependable in the daily grind of life, whether it’s going to school, the office, or just leisurely hanging out.  Not only that, backpacks nowadays have become moving fashion pieces on the streets, as they are ingeniously made into canvasses for artistic expression.

And for durable companions that will surely make heads turn, Hawk Bags definitely got game.

For almost four decades, Hawk Bags have been the country’s most reliable bag in the market.  Aside from backpacks, Hawk Bags carry a variety of styles that will suit your personal needs, including gym bags, laptop bags,  clutch bags, belt bags, shoulder/messengers bags, school bags, stroller bags, lunch bags, and mountaineering bags.

One of the reasons Hawk Bags remain the leading choice of consumers is because of its superior fabric called Durashield, which can withstand wear and tear for a long time.  Over the years, Hawk Bags have likewise applied an artistic approach to their designs, giving it more splashes of color and interesting artwork, making it a hit across a larger consumer genre.

This combination of excellent craftsmanship, durability, innovative design, and reasonable price makes Hawk Bags the top choice of consumers.

Chester Ching, Marketing Director of Hawk Bags says that there are still consumers who are not aware that Hawk Bags are locally made, which gives them a distinct advantage.  “The HAWK Bags brand has a diverse clientele, some of who are not aware that it’s a local company. This only proves that our products have a world-class image that can be labeled as an imported brand.”

Continuously driving Hawk Bag’s leadership in the local market, Chester says he owes his management style to his academic background, having taken up a Management course in DLSU-College of Saint Benilde.

“Ever since college we were taught how to be a good leader by being tough, transparent, and a smart planner. As a Marketing Director, I am very ambitious and optimistic when it comes to creating strategies that I always align with my target. I don’t limit myself when it comes to composing my strategies, as I believe that it will open a lot of possibilities and would hit a break.”

And when it comes to the constant change in consumers’ preference, Chester shares his strategy.

“We’ve come to expect that Filipinos are going to change somewhat from one generation to the next; it correlates on how Filipinos think when it comes to their purchasing power. Up to this day, we always make sure that we know what they need and want; by understanding them and embracing modern technology. As their minds quickly change, we always make sure that we are aware of those changes and continuously improve on our end, in terms of reliability, quality, and the cost of our brand.”

As Hawk Bags continue to remain one of the top brands in the local market, what else can we expect from the company?

“5 years from now I can see that Hawk Bags will be the brand for everyone. And that is my goal, to be a top-of-mind brand of the consumers when it comes to purchasing a bag,” exclaims Chester.

“HAWK Bags has stuck to consistency and tradition, but at the same time adapted to more modern times. It will be a company that is still around for many years to come.”



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