Ever Bilena Girl – Sabrina Sy

Like most teens growing up, Sabrina Sy loves animals, adventures and food. And like some of these kids, this Philippine Cultural College (PCC)- annex high school graduate, had the ultimate dream to be successful in the field of marketing, to successfully establish her own business and to travel the world.

AnimoMagazine believes that Sabrina will achieve her dreams and would be successful in whatever else she chooses to do.. With her dad, Siliman Sy, as her role model, this nineteen year old, determined young achiever will have no trouble succeeding in life.

These are the attributes that AnimoMagazine found in Sabrina that made her our Ever Billena Girl choice for this issue. We asked her opinion on several topics and we were impressed with her views.

On her role model

“I have always looked upon my dad. He is my greatest influence because I have witnessed how hard working and determined he is as a businessman and the ultimate provider of the family. I am inspired and awed on his skills and accomplishments” says Sabrina.

On College Life

As a DLSU marketing management student and an Ever Bilena Cosmetics user, Sabrina considers her education and interests greatly sharpens her skills and this allows her to experience challenging things. “I want to have an identity of a strong and independent woman. And, women like me, need something that would constantly remind us that we can do everything! Ever Bilena Cosmetics never fails to let every Ever Billena woman-user feel confident and beautiful. 

Thus, these factors make the women community more empowered. Sabrina adds, “what I like about my college life at DLSU is having the privilege to be able to experience high-quality education and meet lots of amazing people. Also, being active in extra-curricular activities should never be missed out.”

On Challenges

“I think the most challenging to me is the ability to prove myself to the world. Sooner or later we will graduate from college and go out there in the real corporate world to be test our skills. In this fast-paced world, people are going globally and competitive. Thus you have to adapt fast and be competitive as well”, Sabrina adds as she contemplate on the challenges faced by students like her.

On What Makes a Woman Truly Beautiful

“For me, what makes a woman beautiful is the way she smiles. You can see a woman on how confident she is on the way she smiles. If she has an elegant smile, you can see that she really feels confident from within. However, not all women are able to feel this. That is what Ever Bilena Cosmetics want to transform. They want to make a change on the women community that we all have the right to be beautiful and self-confident”.

On Taking Care of herself

“I take care of myself through getting plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water. Those are the essentials! However, to have a presentable look especially at school, I stick with the basics. I am more of a fan of ‘no make up’ make up look. My makeup “must-haves” are basic face powder, eyebrow pencil, blush-on, and lip gloss. I use Ever Bilena because they provide high quality cosmetics yet budget friendly products.

To all the other kids her age

“Live your life to the fullest! Never let your fears hinder on your dreams. If you fail, don’t be afraid to stand up straight and try again. Enjoy the possibilities and grab every opportunity.”

Smart advice from a smart Ever Bilena Girl.

Article originally published in 2017.



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