Chef Bambi Lichauco Wants YOU To Try His Salpicao

People say it’s the best they’ve ever tried and Chef Bambi Lichauco is taking fat to a whole new level.

In March 2014, Chef Bambi Lichauco (LSGH 82) was given the green signal to open up a small table space at the Salcedo Saturday Market held every Saturday from 7 AM to 2 PM all year round except Black Saturday of Lent and dangerous calamity warnings. For safety precautions for the clients and the vendors as well.

With over 500 vendors waiting in line for a “stall vacancy”, Chef Bambi feels lucky to have been given the opportunity to share the taste of his salpicao to the residents living in the Salcedo village condominiums, the Barangay Bel-Air community and other people from far-a-way places as well.

Salcedo Saturday Market

In a website for tourists, it says that the Salcedo Saturday Market “offers and sells food fresh, cooked and/or easy to heat at home and other items for the house as well as garden plants. It was conceptualized more than a decade ago by the Kapitana of Barangay Bel-Air with a big help from a group of residents from Salcedo village condos that belongs to Barangay Bel-Air too. The objective was to bring out the residents of the condos and to meet each other. They figured, how else can one lure them on a Saturday rest day week end. So the idea of food and shopping gave the organizing committee the idea. And the week end market was born”.

The Salcedo Saturday Market held every Saturday from 7 AM to 2 PM all year round

AM: What is it in the Salcedo Saturday Market that made you say that this is the place to be?Bambi Lichauco: “The Salcedo market is a place to buy, eat, and meet friends or see lost lost friends. It’s has been featured too in National Geographic’s “Food Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 Extraordinary Places to Eat Around the Globe”. It’s a must visit food market place”And it was very practically for me to sell at the Salcedo Market because it is very close to my home. Very convenient and practical. Especially I have only 1 inventory to sell. THE SALPICAO!

Chef Bambi Lichauco’s Salpicao is a mouth watering fatty goodness.

What do people think about your Salpicao?

“People say it’s the best they have tried ever. Maybe I’m lucky that what’s good for me is good for most. And the beef is always tender. Tender enough that, as they bite slowly the flavor oozes and it’s very tasty but not over powering”, 

How come you’re only selling one item?

Chef Bambi recalls “I thought of joining and to sell only one item. And no one was offering that item there at the time – my Salpicao and of course fried rice as people and friends would encourage me and say there’s nothing like it and will surely sell. So why not? I applied and waited for more than a year”.

So next Saturday, do drop by stall of Chef Bambi Lichauco at the Saturday Salcedo Community Market located at Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village, Makati. It’s a place to buy, a place to see and to be seen.

This article was published at 2017.



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