Green Tees with Coach Jun Cedo of AACedo Golf Inc.

Two Clubs Drill

La Sallian Jun Cedo was a member of the DLSU Golf Team and played for the national team in tournaments abroad.

Photos by Karl Angelo G. delos Santos

Using two clubs to hit it farther.

We get a lot of students who come to our golf schools and ask us how to improve their distances and they want to add 10-20 yards to their game. 

Here is a simple drill.
If you don’t have a lot of time to practice just get two golf clubs (for example no. 8 and 9) hold it like a baseball bat and swing slowly.

Once you get used to a comfortable stage you can swing faster-we suggest you swing 25-30 swings a day and when you get to play on the weekend, watch and feel how you have gained power when you play.

Coach Jun Cedo can be contacted at 09178990616 for a complete lesson or just to have your swing analyzed.

7 and 8 iron or an 8 and 9 iron should do the trick
swing like a regular swing but slowly first
feel the burn
feel your left shoulder as it comes in contact with your chin
slow downswing at first
finish the follow-through and repeat a little faster than before until you get the hang of it.



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