The Green Spirit of the La Sallistas in the Red Showroom

Ducati builds emotions. The world's most attractive motorcycles are the result of a deep commitment to racing competitions; they are the purest expression of refined skill, unmistakable design, and above all, a great passion for bikes.

Words by Lucky Chan
Photos by Karl Angelo de los Santos
Layout by Khazel Jacob

Not surprisingly Ducati Philippines’ then Brand Manager Mark de Joya and a proud member of LSGH 89, also know as La Sallista 89 is passionate about his job and his brand. His love story with the motorcycle started at a very young age and being involved with this Italian brand is perhaps a dream job for him and others like him who are passionate about their bikes.

With de Joya at Ducati Philippines are fellow La Sallites Ralph Reyes (LSGH 86) as Marketing Manager and its T.A.Marketing President, Toti Alberto (LSGH 86)

T.A. Marketing was founded in 1991 by racing aficionado, Toti Alberto, primarily to provide motorcycle enthusiasts access to premium motorcycle brands, accessories and services. The strength of the company lies in the familiarity of Alberto with the preferences of the market, being a rider himself. Even from his early teens, he attended various racing schools and high performance technical courses in the United States, Australia and Europe to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical riding as well as mechanical skills. These allowed him to excel in various motorsports covering motocross, sports bike racing, and many more extreme sports. These earned him numerous championship trophies.

When Toti was beginning his motocross career in 1987, he relied on his siblings who were living abroad to source parts and accessories for him. With his winning performances, he also earned the trust of his colleagues in the circuit as he slowly found himself sourcing and importing parts and accessories for them. As his network grew, he realized the opportunity being presented to him, eventually making him decide to formalize the business.

Toti Alberto and fellow Lasallian Champion Racer Joey Almeda

T.A. Marketing, which put up its first dealership in Cubao, Quezon City and named it Access Plus, is now touted as the Philippines’ pioneer imported of non-commuter motorcycles and accessories. This is a huge progression from being a wholesale buyer from dealerships in the United States.

T.A. Marketing is now an exclusive distributor of a wide array of world-renowned bikes and accessories that include Ascerbis, Renthal, Malossi, Maxima, Arrow, Boyesen, Daystar, Posh and EBC. Ascerbis, in particular, cited T.A. Marketing as its largest distributor in Asia catering to the local market.

In January 2001, the company became the exclusive distributor of Ducati motorcycles in the Philippines, By 2014, it has sold over 1,500 Ducati bikes from its Bologna factory that include the Monster, Multi Strad, Sprots Touring, Super Sport and Super Bike series.

Following its success with Ducati, in 2004, T.A. Marketing also acquired the exclusive distributorship of another high end motorcycle brand, KTM Sports Motorcycle aimed toward motocross and rally aficionados.

Keeping in mind the good economic prospects for the Philippines, T.A.Marketing sets its sights on extending market reach and ensuring the availability of motorcycles, parts and accessories and services as needed.

Check out your fellow La Sallites at the Ducati Philippines showroom at 102 P. Tuazon St., Quezon City.



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